Karina Urquhart 

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As a single mother of a wonderful boy and being self-employed for many years as a Massage Therapist and Esthetician, I realized I needed more time to spend with my son and to have mommy time. That is when Kamour Collection was born.  

In my early career, as a model and beauty pageant, I was all into fashion and beauty.  Therefore after many years of working in the beauty industry I decided to incorporate the fashion portion that was missing.

Countless hours of research, along with lots of soul searching, sweat and tears led me to open an online store, and turn my dream in fashion into reality. That is how  Kamour Collection launched in 2019. 

Kamour Collection is my desire, my passion, my life.  You can reach me 7 days a week by sending an email. I take pride in offering quick shipping, top-notch customer service and the trendiest pieces of fashion jewelry and accessories at the best prices available.

I feel blessed to have you as a customer.

I will love to hear from you!

Emails, tweets, Facebook and/or Instagram posts of you wearing our fashion jewelry truly make my day. Please keep in touch with me! After all, you are the reason I do what I do.